Red Wine

Maria Luisa



Tasting notes

Core loaded in dark ruby color and halo with slight brown nuances. Initial nose with spices (black pepper), grass and understory notes. Aromas of cigar and shale follow. After some time of aeration, notes of black plum and dark chocolate appear. As a result of a patient wait, the ripe black fruit appears in all its splendor.“Grandiose” mouth, with an enormous richness in well-balanced tannins with surprising acid freshness. The immense structure supports the fruity flavors of black plum with “grandeur”. There are even “earthy” sensations, again with stunning freshness.



Vinification and aging

Manual harvest to 20 kg boxes. The grapes are fully stemmed before being trodden by foot in winepress (lagar). Spontaneous malolactic fermentation in barrel. 4 years aging in new French oak barrel and 6 years bottled in our cellar. The wine is not stabilized by cold and only has a slightly filtration.


Technical information

  • Alcohol (%): 14,5
  • Sugar (g/l): 0,7
  • Total acidity (g/dm³): 5,7
  • pH: 3,65



600 bottles 75 cl